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Why Are People Choosing to Sue Equifax?

You may have seen some news reports about people who are choosing to sue Equifax. The consumer credit reporting company is the subject of a class action lawsuit in the United States, and in addition to this many people are opting to take the company to small claims court on an individual basis.

Consumers are being advised to sue Equifax for maximum damages in the small claims court over a data breach which the company failed to disclose for more than one month after it was discovered. The breach affected more than 143 million consumers, or 44 percent of the population of the United States, and the failure to disclose the breach promptly put many consumers at risk of identity theft.

Those who were affected are able to join in the class action lawsuit, and can also use their local small claims court to use for damages. The maximum damages that can be awarded by the small claims court varies from $2,500 in some states to $25,000 in others. Filling out the small claims form is easy and there are chat bots that will help people to complete the process. Once the forms are completed they can be submitted to the small claims court for a nominal fee, and then the final step is to serve a copy of the paperwork to the agent that is acting for Equifax.

The Equifax website has a tool that will help users to find out if they were subject to the breach. Simply enter your name and the last six digits of your SSN into the tool to check whether your data was exposed. Do not hand over your data to any third parties who send unsolicited offers to help with the claim, because this could put you at risk of identity theft.