Sue Equifax

Could You Sue Equifax?

More than 140 million Americans were affected by a data breach at Equifax, and the company took more than a month to inform people that the breach had happened and that their personal data may have been disclosed to unauthorised third parties.

If you were one of the 44 percent of Americans that has been affected by the breach, then you may want to sue Equifax for negligence. The maximum damages that can be awarded varies from state to state, with some states offering damages of up to $2,500 while others are allowing up to $25,000. If you decide to sue Equifax then you should apply for the maximum damages. In addition to suing in the small claims court, there is also the option to take part in a class action lawsuit.

There are free to use chatbots that can be used to complete the small claims court forms, and in addition to this there is the option of downloading the forms from your local court and filling them out yourself. The small claims process is simple and should not require a lawyer.

You can join the class action lawsuit in addition to making your own small claims court claim against Equifax.

There is a filing fee charged by the small claims court when you sue someone, and this fee will vary from state to state. Once you have paid that fee you will need to serve the claims papers to Equifax so that your claim can go ahead. There are many law firms that are happy to help wtih the issue of serving the papers to Equifax.

Put your claim in now for maximum damages to get the compensation that you are entitled to for the serious data breach that Equifax had, and that they failed to inform users of promptly.