Sue Equifax

Ways To Sue Equifax

Have you been affected by the Equifax data breach and now you want to take action? If so, then you’re probably wondering how can you sue Equifax? Let’s briefly discuss what your options are.

Individual Lawsuits
One way to sue the firm is to bring forth an individual lawsuit. However, this will cost you a bit of money and you will have to prove that your identity was stolen because of the Equifax breach and you have to probe that you were hurt financially by it. These types of cases can be difficult to actually win, but if you do have proof, then go ahead and bring forth an individual lawsuit.

Class Action
Another option is to wait to be contacted by attorneys who decide to pursue a class action lawsuit. If you were to receive money from a class action, then you would likely forfeit your right to claim additional monetary damages. Furthermore, the money you receive from a class action lawsuit wouldn’t be significant.

Small Claims Court
A website was setup that allowed people to file a small claims lawsuit against the company. All consumers had to do was fill out a form, but just because it’s easy to file a small claims lawsuit doesn’t mean you will win. As previously mentioned, you have to prove you were harmed by the breach and if you can’t, then you probably won’t be successful. If you do have sufficient proof, then you should consider filing a lawsuit via this method, but you should hire an attorney because this will improve your chances of winning your case and getting the highest award amount.

That’s how to sue Equifax. Remember, just because you sue doesn’t mean you will be successful. Weigh the pros and cons before you decide to pursue a lawsuit against the firm.