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Do You Need Help to Sue Equifax?

If you were one of the more than 140 million people who was affected by the Equifax data breach, then you may be looking for help to make a claim against the company in the small claims court, or wanting to join the class action lawsuit. A staggering 44 percent of the population are eligible to sue Equifax over the data breach, and the accusations of negligence surrounding the fact that it took the company more than one month to disclose the breach after it was noticed.

If you would like to sue Equifax, then you can do so in the small claims court. Different areas have different rules, and the damages that can be claimed for vary from $2,500 in some parts of the country up to $25,000 in others. Those who are interested in suing are being urged to apply for maximum damages when they submit their small claims paperwork, and the are also being told that they should apply to join the class action lawsuit as well.

Small claims paperwork is quite easy to complete, but it does require that you pay a nominal fee to submit the paperwork to the courts. If you are not confident in completing the paperwork then you can get help by using an online chat bot – there are some free services that will help people making a claim against Equifax. The final step, after paying the smal claims court fee is to submit the paperwork to Equifax as well to inform them of the claim.

Do not be intimidated by the thought of going to court. The claims process is intended to be as simple as possible, and you are making a claim because of their negligence. You deserve to know that your data is secure.